How Esports Affects Casino Gaming

How Esports Affects Casino Gaming

TAYLOR December 23, 2020

Computer games and gambling slots have never had anything in common and belonged to completely different areas of entertainment. The first is liked by people who have a desire to just play in their free time and compete with each other, the other is appreciated by individuals looking for an opportunity to win on real cash. The psychological mechanisms for capturing attention in these areas may be similar, but gamers enjoy the game, and gamblers enjoy excitement and hard cash.

But more recently, about 10 years ago, simple computer games suddenly began to actively commercialize. If earlier people just fought in CS or played Dota, without even thinking about some cash prize money, today these games have turned into e-sports disciplines and allow professional players to earn millions of dollars, which is no worse than playing in a casino. So how can esports change the reality of the typical gambling club?

Developers begin to create devices based on games

Already, casino entertainment developers have realized that if they do not take into account the trends in esports and computer games, they will have a very hard time in the future. In this regard, the industry has seen the following vectors of change:

  • More and more machines are being created for popular PC games and game consoles. The characters and images of many cult games on a military theme, magic, fantasy, etc are actively used;
  • Slot machines are designed in the style of games for gadgets and PCs. Now the menus and control system become more intricate, games get a plot, which additionally attracts users;
  • We have to hold championships more and more often, because if life in a casino starts to fade, players will quickly go to mobile gaming.

The development of e-sports and computer entertainment is taking a lot of users away from casinos. Therefore, slot developers now have to puzzle over how to rectify the situation in their favor.

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